L'OBSERVATEUR DU PÉRIL INNOMMABLE: La démolition de l'édifice WTC 7 et le rôle central des sionistes dans le 11 septembre


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DEATH OF LORD NORTHCLIFFE PART PROPRIETOR OF "TIMES" (United Service Message.) London, August 14.

15 August 1922, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), page 1

…Lord Northcliffe, born in Ireland as Alfred Harmsworth, was a latter-day Rupert Murdoch. Northcliffe bought the London Evening News in 1894, started publishing London's Daily Mail in 1896, founded the Daily Mirror in 1903, and bought The Times of London in 1908. On July 14, 1908, The New York Times reported that Lord Northcliffe had a controlling interest in the London Times ; the other partners were Lord Rothschild and Lord Cromer. In light of the mainstream media's subsequent deception and promotion of government lies, Lord Northcliffe had an intriguing job title during WWI: the " Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries ".…