The Bush Music Club: John Meredith, The Bush Music Club & The Australian Folk Song Revival (1950’s)

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9 September 1953, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), page 8

…settled in Sydney (around 1950) he was interested in international folksongs but he also had a copy of Paterson’s "Old Bush Songs" and started searching at the Mitchell Library to see if there were tunes for these. Old Bush Songs, 1906 edition (Wikipedia commons) He soon found this unsatisfactory due to vagueness of tune details and identity. In 1953 he bought a Pecotape tape recorder (then very bulky, inconvenient and expensive) after a friend told of an old shearer she knew who still sang the old bush songs. After recording him, John sought out and found more informants around Sydney. Ilustrated ad for Pecotape tape recorder, SA advertiser, 9th Sept 1953 - bottom right of page In June 1953 John formed a performing group to present this material with himself playing button accordion, Brian Loughlin introducing the Lagerphone (now sine qua non for Bush Bands) which he and John had met up with in Holbrook earlier that year and Jack Barrie playing the Bush Bass (a tea chest against which a broom-handle is pivoted to control the tension of a stout string). Later that year, they formed the nucleus of a band for the New Theatre ’s Sydney production of Dick Diamond’s play Reedy River , along with Chris Kempster and Harry Kay . Bushwhackers in…