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LEATHER FROM HUMAN SKIN. [Philadelphia News."]

17 March 1888, The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), page 4

…they see them. The young doctor who presented them to her recently returned from an extended foreign tour, and he told her that he had purchased them from a Turk in Alexandria, and that he did not know what sort of leather they were made of, but he supposed it was the skin of some wild animal. As a matter of fact, the skin came from a negro cadaver, which was once prone on a Jefferson College dissecting table, and the leather was prepared in Womseldorf. The rosettes on the slippers were deftly fashioned from the negro’s kinky hair. My Response To This News Article Interesting to note when I read this article. I notice how sick, coldhearted and savagery, in his refine intelligent matter how this white physician was and how he was so very nonchalant about the fact that he was using black skin on his shoes as a form of leather, and admittedly he had no remorse whatsoever for doing it, and brag about how he admired wearing the skin of a black person on his shoes like it was any other type of material being use as a leather material for his shoes and how the texture of the shoes felt so soft and last…