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A Warmer World.

21 July 1932, The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), page 42

…Here is the book written by Douglas Mawson himself in 1914 giving his own account of the expedition. This item from 1932 demonstrates the amount of warming seen at the Antarctic since the mid 1800’s and later; “This 1932 article demonstrates that, unlike the modern era, the warming affected both poles whilst highlighting the continued retreat of the glaciers generally and in Greenland and Alaska specifically; “Some great world change is taking place on the Antarctic Continent. Its glaciers are shrinking. L.A. Bernacchi, who visited the South Polar land 30 years ago, says that the Great Ice Barrier which fronts the continent with a wall of ice for 250 miles has receded at least 30 miles since it was first seen and surveyed. Sir James Ross…on the earliest Antarctic expedition of the nineteenth century, and those who followed him, left clear descriptions of this tremendous ice frontage and its position. It was a cliff 150ft. high and 1000ft. thick. But now it appears to be continuing…