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Young stars shine in surf club film Where the (local) boys are

28 June 1961, The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), page 69

…Terry Trench returned to Australia and worked as associate producer and editor on Bungala Boys (1961), a short children's feature film telling the story of boys setting up a life-saving club on the beach at Bungala, based on a childrens' book, The New Surf Club by Claire Meillon. The film was directed by Jim Jeffrey, and won the Children's Film Award at Venice in 1962. To see the first nine minutes of the film on youtube, click Bungala Boys . For an article with photographs from The Australian Women's Weekly of Wednesday 28 June 1961, see Young stars shine in surf club film In 1963, Trench directed New Look at London , an 8-minute colour documentary about London, filmed by cameraman Mark McDonald entirely from a helicopter flying along the Thames. This film was produced by British Movietonews, to be shown in cinemas as a newsreel. Terry Trench edited The Inheritance (1963), directed by Euan Lloyd and made by Highway Productions, which sees two actors from The Victors , Albert Finney and Elke Sommer, visiting Berlin. The Victors (1963) is a feature film, directed by Carl Foreman, which follows a group of American soldiers through Europe during World War II , ending up…