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ABORIGINAL HOUSE NAMES and their meanings

20 December 1961, The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), page 28

…helmet --------------------------------------------------- Great resources via 'The Last Viking' blog. Colour in sheets, runes activities etc --------------------------------------------------- Runes activities for kids ---------------------------------------------------. Visit the BOM site to see how much the Brisbane River has flooded since 1840 --------------------------------------------------- Make your own rain gauge ('Bungawitta' & 'Flood') --------------------------------------------------- Visit Macquarie Island via webcam --------------------------------------------------- Watch a video clip of a thylacine --------------------------------------------------- Information , colour in pages etc of thylacine --------------------------------------------------- Use TL Louise Brooks' fab delicious Viking links to inspire students reading 'The Last Viking' --------------------------------------------------- Traditional indigenous games (Playground) --------------------------------------------------- Indigenous art activities  (Playground) --------------------------------------------------- What is the meaning of Bungawitta ? Look at the spelling variations. Does your suburb have an  Aboriginal place name? Investigate its meaning and spelling variations. --------------------------------------------------- Bunting templates --------------------------------------------------- Make a poppy --------------------------------------------------- Link to first part of song 'Champions Read' plus details on obtaining entire song --------------------------------------------------- Youtube clip of the tugboat pushing floating boardwalk (Flood) ---------------------------------------------------…