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LORD CARNARVON'S DEATH SUPERSTITION AROUSED. "Pharaoh's Malign Influence." (Australian Press Association.) LONDON, April 6.

7 April 1923, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 25

…Photo Credits: Poster with Boris Karloff in “The Mummy” , by Karl Freund, Carl Laemmle Jr., John L. Balderston, and Universal Studios Links: • Source: Aeon-The Mummy’s Curse • via: Neatorama • More Coverage: Jo Marchant’s Book at | Marie Corelli’s Books at | Trove-Lord Carnarvon’s Death, Superstition Aroused, Pharaoh’s Malign Influence | The Mummy-Jane Webb Loudon | The Egyptian Book Of The Dead | Gizapyramid- Mummies Curse | Myth Or Microbiology?…