Capering & Kickery: A Polka Redowa Quadrille

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15 April 1852, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 3

…Charles d'Albert (1809-1886) was a French émigré who spent much of his life in England.  He was a ridiculously prolific composer of dance tunes, with hundreds to his credit, including " The Sultan's Polka ."  "The New German Redowa" can be dated to before 1852, when it was advertised in the April 15th edition of The Sydney Morning Herald as one of the dances contained in D'Albert's Grand Exposition Album .  A 1927 reprint is available at the IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library and several other websites. By the time Howe got around to publishing his arrangement of Charles d'Albert's "The New German Redowa", it seems to have no longer been "new".  It turns up simply as "German Redowa" in Howe's undated Musician's Omnibus (c1860) with one strain missing and the lengthier strains rewritten into repeats with alternate endings.  There are no dance instructions there; those seem to have been acquired somewhat later.  My earliest copy…