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Dangers of Kissing.

22 November 1927, Advocate (Burnie, Tas. : 1890 - 1954), page 1

…risk of infection – including anti-kissing leagues. Taken from a newspaper article from August 28th, 1905 If you can’t quite make out what the article says, it beautifully states that “members of the league take a solemn pledge not to kiss each other, in public or in private, their contention being that kissing is the means of conveying contagious diseases from one fair lip to another”. The Anti-Kissing Leagues of Paris and Vienna were totally against kissing in general and were seen as the most hardcore of all the anti-kissers, claiming “indiscriminate kissing is more dangerous than a motor smash”. 22nd November 1927 The French claimed that 40,000 germs were transferred in every kiss and so the solution seemed simple – tell people about this disgusting fact, and humanity shall smooch no more and we can wave goodbye to infectious disease. Believing that they had cottoned onto an idea stolen from the Japanese – all kissing scenes had to be cut from European and American films before they were shown in Japan – the French supposed that the reasoning behind this was because the Japanese did not wish to get ill and so would not promote such a vulgar practice as kissing. But…